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Country Chic

Posted under home, house, staging This Boone, North Carolina owner must have spent days decorating the kitchen just so. Down to the most minute detail. It’s perfect for a country museum or shabby chic store, but [...]

Economical Cleaning Solution

Posted under Cleaning Tips Washing utensils is more of a routine for me than an activity which I like doing, and I know it gets really boring after a while to do all the [...]

Copper Cleaning Tips

Posted under Cleaning Tips I have a brass vase in my living room. The only fact that bothers me is no matter which dishwashing liquid I use, I cannot get the original shine of [...]

Sparkle the Utensils

Posted under Cleaning Tips After a lavish dinner party, all of us suffer from the side effects of leftovers and greasy utensils! Now if you are too tired to do the dishes after the [...]

Clean Up With Citric Acid

Posted under Cleaning Tips All the time I am talking about vinegar and baking soda. But today I will tell you the manifold uses of citric acid. A pet will be a pet. Even though [...]

Sticky Bubble Gum

Posted under Tips Bubble gum is something that you can keep on chewing on as a great pastime and also for exercising your facial muscles. But the same bubble gum becomes the most [...]

Recipe for Carpet and Rug Shampoo

Posted under Tips Mix together one cup of dish washing liquid soap and about 2 cups of boiling water. Allow it to cool down. It will turn into a jelly like substance. Whip [...]

Carpet Cleaning Hints

Posted under Cleaning Tips You have recently bought a new carpet and don’t know whether its color is affected by a wet cleaning solution. What you can do is, test the cleaning agent on [...]

What Lies Beneath

Posted under Cleaning Tips To have a clean home, we all vacuum clean it regularly. Those who have a domestic help also have the experience that sometimes it is better to do the scrubbing [...]

Remove Pet Hairs

Posted under Cleaning Tips, Tips I love my pet and I am sure you do too. But who likes the unsightly pet hairs that lie around the home? It can be a health problem if [...]